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Election Effect on the Market - 19 May 2015

Friday morning was what many might call a Great British moment with the results of one of the most exciting elections in history stunning the political world. In an almost entirely unexpected outcome the Conservatives have secured a government with a working majority; defeating all the poll’s predictions.


Market Comment - Mayfair Office

April 2015

The property market can sometimes seem a bit like the weather. Some days it is fine and sometimes it is rainy. But some days it really does not know what it is doing! The market is a bit like this at the moment. Just when it looks as if there is momentum, there is a large surge of interest and then as quickly as it comes it stops - just like an April shower.


Market Comment, Mayfair Office

3 November 2014

Standing on principle can be an expensive position to adopt when selling property. In a level or falling market waiting for a better offer price because, (in ones own view) 'it is worth it', can often backfire for the simple reason that a property which is too highly priced can look out of step with the rest of the market. Can sellers really know what their properties will fetch? Surely they are worth what others will pay for them.


The Times - Bricks & Mortar 26 Sep 2014

Asprey Estates new instruction is Home of the Week in The Times national newspaper.

Camilla Lacey, Westhumble, Dorking

Novel Mansion with Gothic Style. This house, with gardens and gargoyles has been lovingly restored, says Francesca Steele 


Market Comment

8 September 2014

One of the great triggers in the property year is the beginning of the autumn school term. Once the children are back to school there is more time for house hunting and just enough time to be in a new home by Christmas. But just as the children are learning new things there are new things to be learnt in buying and selling property. Even to those who have bought and sold several times before, this is yet another new market, a market which is continually in a state of flux. Even experienced estates agents can’t say that we’ve seen it all before, but we have seen it more than most.

So where does this leave anyone looking to buy or sell at the moment? We would love to hear from you and answer your questions directly, for now though we have included a few topics recently discussed with clients here in our office.


Market Comment

30 June 2014

As we enter the second half of 2014 it is fair to say that the property market is still big news. The headlines in our press and often the lead items on television and radio news are invariably about the housing market and what it's doing or not doing. It is frustrating that so often journalists' comments refer to a market which does not really exist at all but rather is a mix of markets in the north, south, east and west - and that o'ther country' which is central London!


Market Comment

7 May 2014

Since October 2013 the sold price index for Kingswood and the surrounding areas has continued to grow but stock levels remain low with new instructions at an unprecedented low. This supply and demand imbalance mean that asking prices are quite varied right now. So which direction are we heading?


Market Comment

29 February 2012

With more money pumped into the British economy and interest rates remaining at a record low, has any of this made a difference to the property market in and around Kingswood?  


New Surrey estate agents maintain a village tradition

3 October 2011

Estate agents Asprey Estates, based in the heart of Kingswood village, opened for business today.

As well as selling some of the most desirable properties in Surrey, the company is keeping alive a Kingswood tradition which stretches back more than 80 years.

Asprey Estates is located in The Estate Office, which was built to serve the surrounding area, originally developed by building firm Richard Costain and Sons.

The building remained within the same family for three generations and over eight decades, who operated as an independent estate agent, until 2008.

Following a complete renovation and sympathetic refurbishment, The Estate Office is now back in action in the property market with Asprey Estates.


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